Hi hi hi!!! I’m Kimberly, the one behind Through Her Focused Lens, the finger on top of the trigger. I’m so excited that you’re here! I’m a photographer based in the Wichita, KS area but will travel to anywhere ya need me!!

Photography has been a huge passion for me ever since I was just a little girl. I've been in a yearbook committee, also took all the photography, and design classes I was able to get into. If you know me, you would know that I take pictures of literally almost everything and anything in my life. I kid you not, my current amount of my photos in my phone is literally sitting at over 15,000.. LOL like why?? Anyways, I LOVE LOVE LOVE sunsets & will try to make time to stop at every scenic view during a road trip. I’m a mama to two sweet babes. They’re the reason that I strive to succeed in all I do.

I’m here to capture ALL your raw emotions & soul filled memories. Getting to be there for your special moments makes me happy that I am able to play a big part in creating images that you'll cherish forever. I genuinely love meeting new people & creating bonds that will make you feel comfortable being around me. I promise you, I'm very easy to get along with.

BUT!!! I'm going to be completely honest with you too, if you're looking for a photographer who is going to pose you the entire time.. I may not be that person for you. I strive to document the most genuine & raw moments during our time together. I want you to be busy making memories while feeling ALL the feels instead of you worrying about if everyone smiled for the camera or if you looked good in the picture. Trust me, I got you & I got this!!

Now that you got to know a little about me, I would LOVE to get the opportunity to know more about you!!

xoxo much love, Kimberly Sathngam